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I have lost my mnemonic, what do I do?

Unfortunately, if you have lost your secret phrase you can restore your funds only in case you have backed up your private keys that correspond to the funded addresses. If you've done that you can use any of the wallets that support private key import or private key sweep(in the current version Blender Wallet doesn't yet support it) to get access to your coins and transfer it to a new Blender Wallet. In other case, unfortunately, we can not help you because we do not store any of your secret keys including mnemonic phrase therefore we do not have access to your funds.

I lost an access to my 2FA app. How do I unlock my account?

If you have lost an access to your 2FA app, use one of the one-time passwords that you've received when setting up 2FA. Click on the Lost 2FA button. Enter one of them to unlock your account. Then go to the settings, turn off your 2FA and then set it up from scratch. Please, save newly generated one-time passwords(preferably encoded).

In case you lost this passwords too, you can access your funds trough our mobile application. Unlock your wallet in the mobile app using your mnemonic phrase and the passphrase, if it's encoded. Create a new web Blender Wallet, set up 2FA for it and make sure you save new one-time passwords (preferably encoded). Then using the mobile app move your coins to the newly created wallet.

I have imported seed phrase from the Blender Wallet to another one and it displays an incorrect balance

By default most of the HD wallets generate 20 addresses from the seed phrase. If you see an incorrect balance, probably you have used more than 20 addresses. Generate more addresses in the wallet, to which you imported the seed, if its functionality allows it, and the balance will be updated.

I have imported seed phrase from the Blender Wallet to another one, made/received some transactions there and I don't see them in my Blender Wallet account

Monitoring transactions made or received in another wallets isn't yet supported in the Blender Wallet.

I can not make a fee bumping for the transaction.

There are two options to make a fee bumping: RBF and CPFP, neither of them can be used if:

  1. Transaction is outgoing and
    • it was not marked with RBF flag or it’s amount isn’t sufficient to increase the fee.
    • it has no change or it's amount isn’t sufficient to be sent and pay for the new (child) transaction.
  2. Transaction is incoming and it's amount isn’t sufficient to be sent and pay for the new (child) transaction.

I discarded a transaction but it was confirmed anyway.
Discarding a transaction might not succeed like any other RBF replacement. The initial transaction can be confirmed and the new one be rejected, if, for example, the miner takes the initial transaction into the block before the second appears in the network.
How do I contact Blender Wallet?

Before contacting support, please, look through the FAQ and make sure there is no answer to your question.

If not, use an email: [email protected]

Or a jabber: [email protected]

Please, specify your account id in the request. You can find it in the account's settings.

Response time may be up to 12 hours.