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Where do I find my account settings?

You can find the settings of your account by moving a mouse cursor over account icon in the upper right corner.


You can enable or disable 2FA in the settings. It is strongly recommended to keep your 2FA enabled and also to save and keep safe one-time passwords which you receive after setting up 2FA. Using them you'll be able to unlock your account in case you lose access to your 2FA app.


You can switch a language of your account between English and Russian.


You can change a currency in which account's balance is displayed. Up till now three currencies are available — Euro, Russian ruble and US dollar.

Default fee

You have five precalculated options for the network fee. The values are indicated in the approximate amounts of blocks after which you'll receive a first confirmation. You can manage this value per each particular transaction while forming it. In the settings you can set a default value.

Mixing code

This code is used by mixer to avoid returning you your own coins when you use mixer more than once. You can also use it in the service.

Account Id

This is an id of your account. Use it for contacting our support.

Account Statistics

Here you can see the history of the entrances into the account. The status Failed means that attempt was unsuccessful due to the wrong 2FA code.