Anonymous non-custodial cryptowallet with built-in mixer

Most of the compensation for the recent attack has already been paid. Internal investigation is in progress.

Mixer works normally.

List of withdrawals from Blender Wallet by intruders
  • 6fb4f29727462b0968e406033a22055ccd19957d693e060517984718df801c52
  • 2c0dc84c4fcb631789e3643fa1c188d00a0f082ae680f2dabef73b96175d929a
  • 38bbab7b5754023b0644ffa67aa65877ab703fa797058ca4b6d61fc3915c22ba
  • 3c81dcca1573cd5b2ab183ac83f92f8bc840d5375008c9c79f18d3332dcc81c4
  • 6ec1a02c3e3d2aae0f27783c572022b3c22c67592effba3560bad86f4892186a
  • 6fb4f29727462b0968e406033a22055ccd19957d693e060517984718df801c52
  • ae347ed9479f952970180a36810f71388b81cfab6a0466221890d4578bb5e179
  • b00cc79594fdcff65ad06123b348d178a65f67091d3a9deabb42e52e9b461484
  • cde86222c6ec7f177a1f97e953f20561703f66a1021e204d72e0674f525ee989
  • dca5f645bf6136891ffa1a817fb623e460a8fafa8c873180a59fc3f5bf776cff
  • e07e83f1968a36277a80b093d05cfc1239f86e9de04754d38017fd1afd36ff2d
  • fda9739ec2c5d6b39242a7a982c68b756e3c0fafcbb7c43a21cdb56fd280f904
  • 46e4b62e354ab7b0b7d0847e670b4107c847f1b14d33815e9ce70e240ee339b2
  • 35d8c7e390626299db91bc7dd70cca7b84207b020836493692bb8e3ee137df43
  • 726edf2a9eecaaade9226a75ddd2215d6aaf60a12e504822f6aecdd5eef90de7
  • 671760b9d8aa9354840c1d45e18bfd13dec56eca3914885efa43ae9ab94d0c90
  • 34f5274fab7e7d1f87e99a3f8e53fba74507e52f5807083d513a7956d494e29c
  • 27854ebe3a88ec182fe36c2e9f72dd234b235e8b779a3447c0cf4956b184c6e8
  • f56f57883c84d7161b9fa70829aa125d972573c52954661a7d3d1611566adbd2
  • f76c6e22c3de32089afa6c12315be3582aab7419279a0028f2085e4251881173

To return funds from your Blender Wallet account:

  1. To check if all the coins from your wallet have been stolen, you can unlock your account in another wallet (for example, in Electrum:
    Instructions for importing a wallet into Electrum
    1. Download desktop application from the official website
    2. Launch the application.
    3. Specify a name for the wallet (any name will do). Click Next.
    4. Select the option "Standard wallet". Click Next.
    5. Select "I already have a seed phrase". Click Next.
    6. Seed phrase
      1. Copy your seed phrase and paste it into the input field.
      2. Under the input field, press the button - Options.
      3. Check "BIP39 seed".
      4. If, in addition to the seed phrase, you had a password, then check "Extend seed phrase". Click Next and enter your password in the appeared input field. Click Next.
    7. Click the Detect Existing Accounts button, wait a bit.
      1. If accounts were found, try opening them. And check for your addresses and transactions.
      2. If accounts are not found, or not all are found, repeat the previous steps and manually select BIP49 and BIP84 wallets in turn.
        BIP49 (Segwit) - wallets with addresses starting with "3".
        BIP84 (Native Segwit) - wallets with addresses starting with "bc1".
        Click on Ok
    8. The Password field has nothing to do with your mnemonic password. This is the password for the Electrum files on your computer. Can be left blank. Click Next.
    Thus, you can access all your balances, addresses and transactions made in Blender Wallet.
  2. To request compensation for the stolen funds - contact our support by mail or jabber and provide your seed phrase and password.
    Please note that requests for compensation are not accepted in Telegram.
    When you provide us with your data to receive compensation, we may also check your account balance and send you whatever is left on it.