Full control over your funds

Blender Wallet – a secure non-custodial wallet, focused on anonymity. All the benefits of bitcoin-payments available in the web version and in the mobile app for maximum convenience.

From the creators of Blender.io
AnonymityProtect your privacy with built-in bitcoin-mixer.
ModernityThe wallet meets the latest industry standards like new Segwit addresses, which allow to reduce the network fee and make transactions faster.
CredibilityThe wallet is developed by the team that created Blender.io — a service that has proven to be reliable and has been trusted in the cryptocommunity for 3 years.

Enhance the privacy of your transactions with built-in mixer.

Multiple wallets in one account

An ability to structure your finances and manage them effectively.


Set labels for transactions and addresses.

Spending unconfirmed funds

Spend coins received on your wallet without waiting for their confirmation.

Fee bumping

Receive confirmations of outgoing and incoming transactions faster with RBF and CPFP mechanisms.

Full anonymity

We do not have access to your secret keys and passwords — you have a full control over your assets.

Sending to multiple recipients

Specify several destination addresses in a single sending.

Address control

An ability to manually select which addresses to spend from. An ability to freeze the funds at the selected addresses.

Transaction discarding

Discard outgoing unconfirmed transactions using our unique discard mechanism.

New types of addresses

Blender Wallet supports Segwit and Segwit-compatible addresses for faster and cheaper transactions.

Search by label

Find the necessary addresses / transactions by tags for quick navigation through your payments.

Zero fee

The service does not charge any hidden fees: reward is received only by miners for including your transaction into a block.

How does it work

Create a walletSave the generated seed-phrase and password if you encoded it.
Unlock your walletUse the seed-phrase and the password, if you encoded it, to get into the Blender Wallet account.
Get an addressGo to the Receive tab, use the suggested address or generate a new one.
Receive the fundsShare it with the one who wants to send you coins and wait for the deposit.

Still have questions?

More answers
Is Blender Wallet an HD wallet?

Yes, Blender Wallet is an HD wallet.

What is a mixer?

A mixer - is a service that takes your coins and gives you other ones, unconnected with yours, therefore eliminating the connection between your transactions before and after using mixer.

How does a transaction discarding work?

You can discard an unconfirmed outgoing transaction by replacing this transaction with another one, using the RBF mechanism. Your own addresses become the outputs of a new transaction, so the funds are returned to you, minus the network fees.

Make your money remain silent

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